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Dr. Daniel Coffey is a Chiropractic Physician, Board Certified in Orthopedics and Rehabilitation who has been treating patients at his rehabilitation facility in Chicago since 1999.  Dr. Coffey specializes in the conservative management of various neuromusculoskeletal conditions of the whole body utilizing a unique combination of the most advanced therapeutic techniques designed for immediate results.   Visit for more information and to make an appointment.


More companies are realizing the value of having a trained professional perform on site preventative therapy to correct functional deficits and symptomatic issues of employees who may otherwise wait until their condition worsens.  The on site preventative care is focused on the correction of potential soft tissue problems recognized as a form of preventative therapy and exercise by OSHA’s national office which does not generate a recordable injury.  Dr. Coffey specializes in a Active Release Technique which is a soft tissue technique designed to successfully manage many form of repetitive strain and nerve entrapment conditions.  Company’s can significantly reduce recordable injury rates by identifying and correcting these conditions early.

Preventative Therapy

Statistical Tracking:

The employee treatment notes will be taken electronically and stored in a secure electronic treatment note program.  Quarterly outcome reports can be generated to the company to show the company how many patients were seen, separating work caused from work aggravated conditions, detailing body parts treated, number of treatments rendered and cost of care. 

Ergonomic Wellness can organize your own multi-disciplinary employee health fair to help educate your employees to monitor all aspects of their health and well being.

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